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Should I hire a professional to do my tax return?

The Prescott Law Firm is a full service tax advocacy center- we can help you with planning for future tax obligations, Preparing complex returns for Non-profits, small and medium business, individuals with complex asset structures or income structures, high net worth taxpayers, and other people with unique or complex tax situations. Most people won't ever need a firm like this. However, some peoples needs are more complex. If your needs go beyond a basic return with a couple jobs, kids, and maybe a house. It won't hurt to talk to us.

However, most taxpayers can safely prepare their own return - their tax like just isn't that complicated. For those taxpayers I generally will say that at home preparation will be sufficient. There are a number of home tax prep venders that make an adequate or great product. Intuit is very thorough but overly pricey. Taxslayer exists. But I think the smart play is go for affordable and decent. Is $25 per return and doesn't charge for state returns. Thats about as good of a deal as you are going to get. Full disclosure- They pay me like $5 for any referrals I make. But that would be true of any product on the the web.

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